#AceShopNews – Editors Post:March.04: Well at long last l am able to open ‘Ace Shop News‘ which will come to be the final part of the ‘ Ace Worldwide News ‘ site network. It will feature not just my posts and links to great purchases, but also yours. Now after a number of years of being in business, finance and insurance, l am aware that everyone looks for best prices.

So based solely on that premise, l intend to show you that cheapest price can and has been fools economy for years, and that we have been conned by shops and manufacturers selling what they want – not what you need.

To explain when you buy cheap, you get something not up to standard, and l spent 7-years finding out all the pit-falls and how not to be conned. For example l worked in a department store, every year there was a sale and out came all the items we could not sell. Now they were priced originally at X and the manager lead by the regional managers memo was told 4 weeks before hand to double the price to Y then at sale time slash the price by one third to Z.

Now what happened is completely true, as l witnessed it first-hand – we sold every item at a price higher than the original price and not forgetting our departments mark-up was double the original purchase price. When l asked people about their purchase they thought they got a real bargain. The regional manager actually got promoted to head office on the basis of this system.

So l can hear you all asking how do we get a real bargain, well it is simple l will sell every item that will be marked ‘ Editors Best Buys ‘ with just a small 25% mark-up having negotiated ‘ Best Price First ‘ with my suppliers.

This is of course only on my items, you visit and post your items with a link, l take nothing, you can however offer to donate to an eventual tips jar.

This money will be used to help people in the community in need of furnishings, food and other essentials, you can of course stress in a section called ‘ Community Giving ‘ that you have furniture that can be picked up and not sold. I will spread the word on our Social Media Panel and ‘ Ace Publishing Panel ‘ and note your site links.

So if you are interested and have something worthwhile to sell and would like to join. Just leave a comment and your email details, do not worry l will disclose these to anyone, as l check every comment before approving and remove email addresses first.

Check out the bargains and bestsellers at: @AceiShop

Or add #AceiShop to your tweets and help me, to help you to help others.

Thanks Ian (Editor of Ace Worldwide News & Services Group)

More soon ……..