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#Shop2Share Editors Post:April.13: Well at long last l am able to open ‘The Garden of Eden ‘ which will come to be the final part of the ‘ Ace Worldwide Goods & Services Organisation ‘ site network.

It will feature not just great purchases, but also yours and will have the added bonus you can add your requests in the comment box provided.


Now remember ‘ The Garden of Eden ‘ can provide everything you will ever need, the requests you make for goods or services must contain two important things:

Firstly that every item has a good reason for us to obtain it at best price, best quality and best consumer service protection promise (A copy of this will be added on a seperate page headed Consumer Protection Policy) please read before ordering. Secondly you will need to agree at purchase stage that a small percentage of 5% will be given to a worthy cause, which we will deduct at sale completion and add our own 5% as well making 10% donated in all.

As long as you agree to these two promises you can order anything you need from the range of items we list or anything else at all, that right anything your heart desires.

Now after a number of years of being in business, finance and insurance, l am aware that everyone looks for best prices. This will be achieved by connections and arrangements for the best deals, suppliers and purchase arrangements.

Finally when you leave details of your required purchases please also leave details of what your would like to spend as a maximum together with your contact email address – needless to say l will not print your comments on this particular post.  

So off you go and order and test out our marketing & sales skills here at #AceiShop and when you are happy with your purchase please spread the word on here to all our readers and follower @AceiShop

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